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The Registry at Bowling Green | May: How to enjoy the Summer after graduation
The month of May is a big deal for a lot of residents at The Registry because it is the month they finally walk across that stage and receive their diploma. After graduation, what do you do with your summer? We’ve compiled some helpful tips to take full advantage of your new found free time:

•    Prep for a new career: take this time to get your resume sent out to companies and prepare for interviews to begin. 
•    Travel: this summer is a great time to travel the world and mark a few places off your bucket list. 
•    Relax: enjoy your days and revel in the fact that you no longer have to wake up at 8am for morning classes. Spend your afternoons full of sunshine relaxing by our pool or playing volleyball on our sand volleyball court.
•    Find a hobby: glass blowing, hiking, sculpting, going to the gym… your options are endless. Why not find something new and fun to do.