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The Registry at Bowling Green | Move out tips!
Helpful Move-out Tips to Avoid Any Potential Charges:

Moving can be very stressful so we wanted to provide you with a few tips to make move-out day a little easier.

Things to do before the move:
• Go to to have your mail forwarded
• Cancel or redirect any deliveries or subscriptions
• Back up your files! You never know what can happen to your computer during a move
• Check for any packages at the office
• Arrange for movers or moving help

Cleaning the Apartment –
• Floors – Vacuum or sweep floors prior to checkout
• Kitchen - Clean kitchen sink, faucet, cabinets and countertops. Don’t forget to clear off the top of kitchen cabinets!
• Range and microwave - Clean all parts of the oven, range, and microwave, including exterior.
• Refrigerator - Clean all parts of the refrigerator and freezer including exterior.
• Closets, Cabinets, Drawers, Shelves and Backsplashes - Remove all shelf paper, contact paper and adhesive residue.
• Bathroom – Clean toilet, bathtub, mirror, walls and floors.
• Doors and walls - Remove all hooks, nails, stickers and tape.  DO NOT PATCH NAIL HOLES—Patching may result in charges
• Window areas - Remove all stickers and tape. Clean inside of windows including tracks. Remove any curtains installed. Dust blinds.
• If your apartment is furnished, remove the cushions and vacuum out anything that may have fallen.
• All trash/ trash bags must be disposed of in the proper receptacle. Any trash left in the apartment or in the hallway is subject to a fine.

What To Donate
• Non-perishable food
• Clothes/shoes
• Accessories
• School/office/art supplies
• Linens/towels
• Pillows/mattress toppers
• Housewares
• Sporting equipment
• Working/non-working electronics and small appliances

What Not To Donate
• Cleaning products
• Used toiletries
• Food - open, expired, or perishable
• Anything badly stained, soiled, worn, torn, broken or missing parts

And finally…
• Remove all of your belongings to prevent charges
• Turn in your keys, key fob, pool band and parking sticker to the front leasing office. Failure to return all keys and items will result in a charge.
• Provide a forwarding address